Our Mission

The Southern Colorado Innovation Link’s (SCIL) mission is to leverage a robust innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem to encourage the development and commercialization of intellectual property, to support IIECM, to promote the success and growth of commerce, and to foster sustained regional prosperity.

A collaboration among more than twenty regional partners, SCIL seeks to make Southern Colorado a preferred destination to incubate and grow innovative ideas, products and business. SCIL aims to fulfill its mission through coordination of resources, hands-on technical assistance, mentorship, experienced leadership, and access to capital, all building on the existing innovation clusters in Advanced Manufacturing (AM) and Infrastructure Engineering (IE).

SCIL will measure success by its effectiveness in helping inventors, innovators, entrepreneurs, creatives, and makers (IIECM) develop, protect, and commercialize their intellectual property; assisting startups in creating viable businesses, and helping businesses to thrive and grow.


Live, work and play

" The SCIL region has a rich set of assets and a large contingent of individuals dedicated to innovation and entrepreneurship and to making Southern Colorado a thriving, dynamic place to live, work, and play."

— Amanda Corum, SCIL Project Director


Southern Colorado Innovation Link (SCIL) is located in, and serves, the Counties of Pueblo, Fremont, Custer, and Huerfano. With a combined population of 219,889, the region is rural, with the exception of the Pueblo Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA), population 162,158.

Colorado’s Office of Economic Development and International Trade (OEDIT) defines 14 economic development regions in the state. The SCIL region lies in three of those regions, all with very similar key industry clusters.

The two most robust, well-developed innovation clusters in the SCIL region, and the focus of this project, are Advanced Manufacturing (AM) and Infrastructure Engineering (IE) The Southern Colorado Small Business Development Center (SBDC), a partner in this project, has piloted programs for inventors, innovators, entrepreneurs, creatives, and makers (IIECMM) that have shown promising results, making the case for scaling up efforts by developing the SCIL.