Our Partners



SCIL is a collaborative effort of more than 20 regional organizations, including Pueblo Corporate College, PCC, CSU-P, the SBDC, Startup Pueblo, ActivArmor, Bank of the San Juans, CRWC, Evraz, Heberly, JM Eagle, NWSC, PEDCO, EDGIS, PuebloPlex, SCORE, Pueblo West Metro District, RoyceTalks, Summit Brick, and Watertower Place.


The goals of SCIL’s Outreach and Engagement Plan include:

  1. growing and maintaining a pipeline of IIECM who want and need SCIL services;

  2. raising awareness of SCIL and partner resources;

  3. maintaining and maximizing interest in SCIL and partner resources;

  4. identifying partners, collaborators, and champions on an ongoing basis;

  5. strengthening partnerships and relationships.

SCIL has already completed an extensive inventory of stakeholders as part of ongoing efforts of project partners and development of this project proposal. The following engagement plan outlines the strategies for types of stakeholders rather than specific stakeholders.


CLIENT GROUP: innovators, inventors, creatives, startups, entrepreneurs

BUSINESS GROUP: existing business and industry

EDUCATION GROUP: K-12, higher education

RESOURCE GROUP: incubators, training, co-working, mentors, subject-matter experts

SUPPORT GROUP: maker groups, economic and workforce development organizations

RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT GROUP: higher education, R&D assets and facilities, maker spaces

FUNDING SOURCES: government, foundations, donors

GOVERNMENT GROUP: federal, state, local

FINANCE GROUP – lenders, angel investors, venture capital, government lending programs